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2-Jul-09 SAHANZ Cultural Crossroads Auckland New Zealand passed
6-Jul-09 CHINZ NZ ACM Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction Auckland New Zealand 13-Apr-09
19-Jul-09 HCI2009 Human-Computer Interaction San Diego USA passed
25-Jul-09 DMAMH 2009 Digital Media and its Application in Museum & Heritage Qingdao China 10-Apr-09
27-Jul-09 Fave Facets of Virtual Environments Berlin Germany 13-Feb-09
27-Jul-09 CEPE 2009 Computer Ethics Corfu, Greece passed
27-Jul-09 WCCE2009 9th IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education Brazil passed
3-Aug-09 siggraph 2009 siggraph 2009 New Orleans 20-Jan-09
6-Aug-09 NorLit 2009 Aesthetics, Language And Politics In An Age Of Digital Media Stockholm Sweden passed
9-Aug-09 Edutainment 2009 E-Learning and Games (Edutainment 2009) Banff, Canada 10-Jan-09
23-Aug-09 isea 2009 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art Ulster Ireland passed
24-Aug-09 Interact 2009 12th IFIP conference on Human-Computer interaction Uppsala Sweden 30-Jan-09
24-Aug-09 ICED 09 Design has never been this Cool Stanford USA 15-Jan-09
30-Aug-09 NORDES 09 Engaging Artefacts Oslo Norway 1-Feb-09
1-Sep-09 HCI2009 BCS conference on Human Computer Interaction Cambridge UK 5-Mar-09
1-Sep-09 DiGRA 2009 Breaking New Ground: Innovation in Games, Play, Practice and Theory London UK 15-Apr-09
2-Sep-09 Del Designs on E-learning London UK 24-Apr-09
3-Sep-09 ICEC 2009 Entertainment Computing Paris France 2-Mar-09
3-Sep-09 DHS Writing Design: Object, Process, Discourse, Translation Hertfordshire UK 12-Jan-09
7-Sep-09 Cyberworlds CYBERWORLDS Bradford UK 15-Apr-09
7-Sep-09 ECSW European CSCW Vienna Austria 6-Mar-09
9-Sep-09 vsmm 2009 Vision or Reality? Computer Technology and Science Vienna Austria 7-Apr-09
14-Sep-09 AGDC Austin Game Developers Conference Austin Texas ?
16-Sep-09 eCAADe Computation: The New Realm Of Architectural Design Istanbul Turkey 2-Feb-09
17-Sep-09 Nordic 2009 Mind and Matter - Nordik 2009 Conference for Art Historians Finland 31-Jan-09
17-Sep-09 Nordic 2009 Mind and Matter - Nordik 2009 Conference for Art Historians    
22-Sep-09 vast2009 Virtual Reality, Archeology and Cultural Heritage Malta 14-Apr-09
27-Sep-09 AUC Australian Apple University Consortium: you can take IT with you Canberra Australia 3-Apr-09
1-Oct-09 IADE conference 5th UNIDCOM/IADE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Lisbon Portugal 23-Dec-08
8-Oct-09 AIGA AIGA Design Conference 2009 Memphis USA ?
12-Oct-09 ISBA 12 Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA) Istanbul Turkey 1-Feb-09
12-Oct-09 ECGBL European Game-based learning Graz Austria 23-Mar-09
13-Oct-09 dppi09 Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces COMPIEGNE, France 28-Feb-09
19-Oct-09 ACM MULTIMEDIA   Beijing China 10-Apr-09
9-Nov-09 Cumulus 2009 42° South world‘s edge design conference Wellington NZ  
12-Nov-09 Cumulus 38 S 2009 Hemispheric shifts across learning teaching and research Melbourne Australia 12-Mar-09
25-Nov-09 OZCHI 2009   Melbourne Australia 12-Jun-09
13-Dec-09 DAC09 Digital Aesthetics and Culture California USA 1-May-09
16-Dec-09 siggraph asia 2009   Yokoham a Japan 12-May-09
6-Apr-10 CAA 2010 Fusion of Cultures Granada Spain  
26-Jul-10 SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques LA USA  
18-Aug-10 DIS 2010 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference Aarhus Denmark  
7-May-11 CHI 2011   Vancouver Canada  
8-Aug-11 SIGGRAPH 2011 Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Vancouver Canada  
16-Sep-10? ecaade 2010   Switzerland  
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